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No matter where you are...No matter how far... I will be with you.

You can still receive your Private Healing sessions via Skype. With Skype Healing sessions your healing process continues wherever you are and you receive the ever building Healing energy to awaken your Love, Light and Peace within.

If you are too busy to get to me in person, if you are travelling or located in another country, with Skype sessions you receive Healing.

As with in person sessions, our time together involves talk time and healing time too.

Healing, Counselling, Mentoring, Coaching, Meditation, Guidance, Support, they are all still available in these private sessions, to help bring you to your place of peace of mind, clarity, well-being and true self.

In the talk time we can look at what you are coming with, put a way forward together, make things conscious and get some realisation. With this, light is shone upon possible patterns, clarity is gained and support is given to help emotionally. In the Healing part of the session finely tuned Universal Energy, using a combination of Healing techniques, is sent as a frequency, tailored specifically for you. Connecting with your energy via Skype in the session, your unique frequency recognised and resonated with.

Universal energy doesn't recognise the ideas of space or time, so in your skype sessions you receive Healing energy just the same no matter where you are.

How do we do it ?

  • Contact to arrange your appointment
  • Make payment
  • Mention your preference - Camera On or Off
  • Skype Healing Session

As a convenient alternative, first time, or whilst travelling, in another city, in another country, you receive Healing.

As continuity, for regular sessions, to support your emotional clearing process, when you can't get to me in person, keep the flow, keep the energy with Skype.

Stay Connected to Healing with Energy through the airwaves.

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